söndag 19 oktober 2014


Blev på ett riktigt OTH humör ikväll efter att vi kom hem från vuokatti, så då kollade jag några gamla avsnitt. Tror faktiskt att man inte kan hitta nån bättre serie. finns många bra men ingen slår den. Hittade sen massa quotes från serien, här är 3 stycken, och de finns så många fler. Säger godnatt med dessa 3.

"One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life."

"You ever look a picture of yourself, and see a stranger in the background?. It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in. Were we a part of someone’s life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died. Did we keep trying to get in? As if we were somehow destined to be there or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone else’s life, and not even know it."- Lucas

"Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle is gonna come from, the next smile, the next wish come true. But if you believe that it’s right around the corner, and you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainty of it, you just might get the thing you’re wishing for. The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So, make your wish. Do you have it? Good. Now, believe in it with all you heart.." -The entire OTH cast

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